Loyalty & Breeders Program

At Orijen.co.nz we recognize our loyal customers and clients who opt to nourish their best friends on World Class pet food.  

You may have already noticed we don’t have a price point difference between Puppy products vs Adult products.  They don’t cost more to manufacture and the ingredients don’t actually differ that much so we pass that reality on direct to our clients.  

In addition we have come up with a loyalty and breeders program that we think you’ll like …

Frequent Purchaser Discount - Buy 10 – get 1 Free, get 10% thereafter …

As a regular client, if you purchase 10 bags of Orijen or Acana off our website we will send you an 11th bag absolutely free.  Upon qualifying for your 11th bag we will courier this out at no cost.  This is effectively a 10% discount on every bag you have ordered so far.

However, what we do differently is … having achieved this milestone we will load a permanent 10% on your account.  So every bag thereafter will attract this discount keeping the 10% in your pocket.

Please note this offer only applies to regular purchases of consistent sized product.  We will send you a free bag of the same sized and flavour of product you have been purchasing to date.

Bulk Buying Discount 

As a bulk buyer of Orijen & Acana products we can assist you to feed all of your dogs on the quality ingredients that Orijen & Acana brings to your kennel.

If you purchase 6 bags at once all in one transaction - online via our website we will send you a free bag at the same time.  Additionally, transport costs on 7 bags are preferential to individually couriered bags – saving you more still.

Conditions of our bulk buying offer are …
a) Orders must be placed and paid for in one transaction

b) Payment must via Direct Credit internet banking transfer kg- not applicable to credit card transactions

c) Bulk buying offers can only apply to Large 11.4kg, or 17kg bags

d) In the case of cat offer applies to the 5.4kg bags 

e) You can mix and match varieties of product choice within the 7 bags but only of the same value.

Breeders Litter Packs

If you are a breeder that has recognized the clear benefits of feeding Orijen or Acana to your dogs and cats we’re guessing you will want to recommend to your puppy/kitten purchasers that they may like to do the same.

If you notify your litter with Dogs New Zealand and publish the notification in NZ Dog World - email us with a photo of your new litter, with details of number of puppies etc.  We will forward to you the applicable number of puppy packs to pass out to your puppy purchasers.  Puppy packs consist of an introduction letter to Orijen, Pet food nutrition information, our colour brochure/booklet and include a small bag of Orijen or Acana Puppy or Large Breed Puppy for them to try.

This service is available at no cost to you.

Breeders Web Listing

At orijen.co.nz we are aware of the realities of the internet and e-commerce.  Because of this we understand the importance of links to your website, our website and how that affects search engine rankings like Google.  Simply put, the more sites that link to your site, the higher the Page ranking you achieve when a search is done on your keywords or topic matter.

We would like to work together with breeders who have supported our products and opt to feed their dogs and raise their puppies on PREMIUM Orijen pet food.  If you send us your favourite photo of your dogs, their breed, your kennel name, contact details and a brief description with a link to your site we will publish it on www.orijen.co.nz – Breeders page.

Of course in the spirit of co-operation, we will expect a reciprocate link on your site to ours too – thereby directing your puppy clients to the source of premium dog nutrition and enable them to continue to obtain it easily in the future.

This service is also available at no cost to you.  


What our customers say

"I have seven beautiful Siberian Huskies, and I am involved in Sled Dog Sports with them..."


Colin Whitley


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