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Orijen Petfoods NZ is a company dedicated to the welfare of much loved pets, show-dogs and breeders of New Zealand – 'For the love of dogs ...'   In 2007 we were so amazed at our investigation into Pet Food in general and the quality of options available in New Zealand that we sought out the highest end, most premium pet-food available in the world and moved to quickly ensure it became available in Godzone as soon as possible.

Orijen is literally one of the best if not THE best dried, kibbled petfood available on the planet. We felt it was essential that it became available to the New Zealand pet owning public.

As you will read on our site, Orijen has the highest protein levels and is the ONLY complete range of dried kibble available in NZ that contain no grains whatsoever.

Orijen is manufactured by Champion Petfoods in Canada. A family owned business with over 30 years in the pet food industry. They use no imported products, are nutrition focused and have a mission statement that is clear and concise.


Click here to view Champion Petfoods site www.championpetfoods.com

Orijen is one of the very few dog foods available on the New Zealand market to achieve a 6 star rating on the independent website dogfoodanalysis.com. Their star system rates dog foods from around the world and issues them with a 1 star (worst) through to 6 star (best). We encourage you to look up your current food to assess its own rating.

You can do this here www.dogfoodanalysis.com

Orijen has awarded ‘Petfood of the Year’ by the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington DC for the third year running ahead of 100’s of other brands evaluated since 2004. To qualify for Pet Food of the Year, the product must be low glycemic, and formulated without meat by-products, or ingredients known to be harmful to animals. Further the food must be nutritious and palatable, with a focus on longevity.

You can view their site here www.glycemic.com

We have done our research and we firmly believe we are offering you the best. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you don’t agree. We stand by our products 100%, we are fair, professional and ethical. If you have any concerns about any aspect of our products of services, let us know. We will be attentive and co-operative and ensure they are solved to your satisfaction.

If your dog club is looking for sponsorship, let us know. We are keen to support the good work of ethical breeders, clubs and dog lovers alike. We are accepting applications, however please understand - these are limited.

We hope that you and your dogs get to enjoy Orijen or Acana and you can witness the transition of your pet or show dog as the healthy benefits of our nutritionally complete food shines through in their coats, health, energy and vitality.

For the love of dogs ...

Orijen Petfoods

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"We have a 10 mth old puppy and have had various health issues with her since we have had her..."


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