Never Outsourced

We’re passionate about our foods and the authenticity of everything that goes into them – that’s why we never outsource. Our foods feature ingredients that are authentically fresh and produced in our region by people we trust. We prepare ORIJEN & ACANA ourselves, in our own award-winning kitchens, where we gently steam-cook our fresh ingredients in their own juices, and know exactly what goes into every morsel we cook.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe you wouldn’t either.

Authentic & Home-Cooked Foods

Pet lovers are often surprised to learn that leading pet food brands are actually marketing brands. The company on the label doesn’t have a kitchen, and their foods are "manufactured by" another company as a private label.

We produce ORIJEN & ACANA ourselves, under our own roof, where we control every detail of preparation.

Producer or Marketer?

Many "pet food companies" are no more than marketers. Because they don't own any kitchens and can’t make their own foods, their brands are designed and produced by other companies as a "private label". Not the most inspired way to produce food for your favourite pet.

How to Tell the Difference

If the package says “made for”, “produced for”, distributed by”, or “distributed under licence by”, you know that it's being sold by a marketing brand, and was produced under contract as a private label. The company who owns the pet food brand didn't actually produce the food – they just market it. If the package states “made by” or “produced by”, you’ve found an authentic pet food. The company that owns the pet food brand is the same company that produced the food itself.

Champion Petfoods is the developer and producer of ORIJEN & ACANA foods. We own all our own kitchens and make all our own food, so you can have confidence knowing where your pet’s food really comes from.



What our customers say

"We have a 10 mth old puppy and have had various health issues with her since we have had her..."


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