No Water Added

Steamed in Natural Juices

Conventional pet food makers utilize commodity ingredients. They are dried or powdered, highly processed, and almost never fresh.

Dried ingredients do have some advantages – they can easily be transported long distances on steamships and railcars, stored for long periods in silos (years, if needed), at a much lower cost than fresh ingredients. But commodity ingredients too often sacrifice quality for the sake of price or convenience. Processing removes much of the ingredients’ original goodness, and they are often from unknown sources.

The vast majority of today’s dog and cat foods are almost exclusively made with powdered fruits and vegetables, and dried ingredients like chicken meal, grains, or dried potato.

Because these ingredients are highly refined, dried, and powdered, large amounts of water must be added before cooking – just as water must be added to flour to bake bread.

ORIJEN & ACANA are Different

Unlike conventional pet food makers, we focus on ingredients that are raised, fished or grown within our region. They’re delivered to our doors authentically fresh each day. That means they’re not processed, dried, or powdered.

Our fresh meats, poultry, eggs, fish, fruits, and vegetables are bursting with goodness from Mother Nature – including health-giving juices loaded with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.

ORIJEN & ACANA’s fresh ingredient inclusions mean we can steam-cook our ingredients in their own natural juices without adding any water. And to retain all of the goodness and flavour that’s naturally present in our fresh ingredients, we slow-cook our foods at low temperatures (90C/195F).



What our customers say

"When we first got our rescue Dogue she was very thin..."




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