LOCHBROWAN Scottish Deerhounds

Scottish Deerhounds

Scottish Deerhounds

About the Breed

They have an amazing sense of humour, and are undoubtedly a unique breed. Not only are they a true sight hound, but also a true, loyal, loving companion and family pet. They come into their own as a house dog: what else can you expect from a dog owned and bred by nobility who lived in the castles of Scotland. Their noble look makes them irrestistible to look at - whether they are lounging in repose or fluidly bounding across a meadow or moor. Pauls says that they are "Flat out dogs" - either flat out asleep or flat out galloping around.

I have found them to be easy to train but this does involve giving them options - they will invariably take the easy one! They can easily teach themselves new tricks like opening doors, but to be honest too much thought just interrupts the sleep processes.

About the Breeder / Kennel

We are a small, family run kennels.  Our aim is simple "We want to breed Deerhounds that have 3 qualities.  Firstly to be great companions and family pets. Secondly to have excellent conformation and be true to the breed standard, and finally to be capable of undertaking their original work.

Our dogs are family pets, have success in the show ring, on the coursing field and in hunting.  We welcome visitors, and enquiries about Deerhounds.  Naturally our dogs enjoy eating Orijen dog food!

What our customers say

"Hi there, I'd just like to let you know that since feeding my 14 year old tabby cat with Orijen she has had a new lease of life..."


Margot Miklos


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