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Swedish Vallhunds

Swedish Vallhunds

About the Breed

About the breed:

The Swedish Vallhund is an ancient breed and can be traced back at least 1,000 years. Most famously known as the "Dog of the Vikings", they are known in Sweden as Vastgotaspets, meaning a small spitz of the West goths, an area in the middle of Sweden.
The breed was near extinction in the early 1940's but because of the work of two enthusiasts Karl Gustave & Count Bjorn von Rosen, the breed was saved to be enjoyed today.
The Vallhund is a loyal, healthy and hardy breed, robust and strong. Many live to a great age - the average being 14 years - and many live well beyond this.
They make extremely good pets and companions, and like nothing better than to please their people and to this end are great little working dogs. They learn tasks very quickly and are very responsive.
This breed still remains quite rare in New Zealand al¬though they are fast growing in popularity and spreading throughout the world.
The Vallhund being one of the Spitz breeds has a weatherproof double coat that is easy to care for and needs no trimming.

About the kennel:

First registered more than 48 years ago by grandma Pam, Osuno kennels passion for dogs now spans three generations of the family with grandson Andy.

We have a long and successfull history in the New Zealand dog world, first with Chow Chows and for the last 16 years Swedish Vallhunds.

Working with the top lines imported from Sweden, Finland & England, we pride ourselves on breeding happy, healthy well-adjusted & true to standard dogs suitable as loved family pets, working dogs and show dogs.

We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in the breed.

About the Breeder / Kennel

What our customers say

"After changing from Royal Cannin six months ago I have noticed a huge difference in quality of coat, over all body condition and muscle tone..."


Nicky Hammond


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