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Siamese & Orientals

About the Breed

The Siamese are the oldest domestic cat and are very vocal, playful, active, loving and intelligent.
Siamese are originally from Siam now known as Thailand and were owned only by monks and the royal family of Siam, in the 1800's the royal family of Siam started gifting siamese cats to high ranking visitors which began the importation of Siamese across the world.
A Siamese cat has a very loud and distinctive meow and will play for hours on end, they are a great family pet but can bond to one person in particular and love to sleep with their humans.
Siamese come in a range of colours including Seal point, Chocolate point, Blue point, Red point and Lilac point although Seal point is the most popular point colour.
There are two distinct types of Siamese cat, the traditional (original) Siamese which have a roundish body and an apple shaped head, and todays more recognisable Modern Siamese which have beeen bred to have a longer sleeker body and a wedge shaped head, siamese should have vivid blue eyes.

About the Breeder / Kennel

Saraphi Siamese and Orientals is a small home based cattery located in Dunedin, New Zealand, our animals are a part of our family and as such have the run of the house, they are well loved and are given lots of attention, pats and cuddles from their owners/servants.


What our customers say

"About 3 years ago we started using Orijen as our English Bull Terrier had an allergy test..."


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