Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

About the Breed

The Shih Tzu is an alert, lively, little dog. It is happy and hardy, and packed with character. The gentle, loyal Shih Tzu makes friends easily and responds well to consistent, patient training. It makes a very alert watchdog. It is courageous and clever. Playful and spunky, this affectionate little dog likes to be with people and is generally good with other pets.

About the Breeder / Kennel

Tenzin Shih Tzu are a small, home based, DogsNZ registered breeder.

We breed because we love Shih Tzu and we want to ensure that there are happy, healthy, beautiful examples of the breed within New Zealand. We occasionally have puppies available, but we do not breed often and we plan our litters carefully. This is not a commercial endeavour for us. We just want the best.

We breed show quality dogs, and we attend conformation shows throughout New Zealand. Our dogs have performed well in the ring, and we are proud to have 'NZ Ch Denem Diamonds are Forever' as one of our successes in the ring.

We love our dogs, we take good care of them, and we want them to be as healthy and happy as we can. This means we have to take care of their grooming needs, and have a full grooming suite for small dogs. Because we have the time, the tools, and the skills; we offer our services as small dog groomers within our community. Please see our services for more information.

What our customers say

"After changing from Royal Cannin six months ago I have noticed a huge difference in quality of coat, over all body condition and muscle tone..."


Nicky Hammond


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