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We invite you to send us your story (and a photo) of what Orijen or Acana has meant to you or your pet.  Be sure to send us your contact information too, because every month we'll be awarding a free ACANA or ORIJEN product to the most interesting submission.


My 6 Staffordshire Bull Terriers thrive on Orijen and Acana...

...My dogs all do a combination of jobs, Breed Showing, Agility, Obedience, Therapy work and Breeding. I have them all on Orijen and Acana.. My Show dogs on Orijen, Agility and Bitches in Pup on Acana Sport and Agility and the Puppies on Acana Puppy and Junior. 
All my dogs LOVE their food and have a beautiful shine to their coats, no skin allergies and stools are smaller, and with less odor than I have found on other foods.
The bitches in pup keep weight and energy levels all the way through pregnancy, whelp and lactation and keep their appetite, the pups also thrive on the Acana Puppy and Junior. 
Overall I find the dogs to be very happy, healthy and always keen to eat. The service is outstanding and website user friendly. What more could one ask.

Takoda Staffordshire Bull Terries, Rotorua


I have been running Pug Rescue in NZ since the late 90's, taking in and caring for numerous Pugs...

...Many that come in are not in the best of health. Too fat, too thin, skin and ear infections, loss of vision & arthritis are all common. It is well known that the breed doesn't always have a good immune system and one of the best ways to help is through quality diet. We feed, and recommend Orijen and Acana, with Acana Grasslands being our most successful. Especially for those who arrive with skin and coat issues. We now send Grasslands with Pugs going off to new homes and like for owners to continue feeding it. Photo is of two of our Pugs. The chap on the left was a sorry little waif when he first arrived. Skin a dreadful mess, black, smelly, bald patches, his coat was dry, very sparse, a bit like stroking a pig. He was feed Grasslands from the start, received a course of antibiotic, (no steroids), and gentle oatmeal baths. He's a different dog. No more bald patches, happy and alert. 

NZ Pug Rescue, Rangitikei


I own three Burmese cats, and they only eat Orijen...

The real skinny on Orijen ...

My name is Bronwyn Main, and I am the proud Mum of 3 Burmese, 10 year old litter brother and sister (Bonnie and Clyde) and 5 year old Bertie. These are my babies, very spoilt, and very loved.

I have a big interest in cats, as I show them, and am also involved in judging and also running cat shows.

I first became aware of Orijen , about 4 years ago, having won some at a cat show.  Like all food before it (prizes or free samples) I took it home and tried it.

The rest shall we say is history, 4 years on, would I feed my cats any dry food other than Orijen, absolutely not; and more importantly would my cats eat any other dry food other than Orijen, same answer absolutely not.

What is it in real terms that makes it special - its all about the practical things, like not throwing up, not being fussy, being able to swop straight over to Orijen without blending or a transitional period.  Also you need less, in that say 1 cup of other biscuits can be replaced with 3/4 cup of Orijen.  My cats thrive on Orijen, and the trademark of my cats is their stunning coats, and you know what, that is all down to Orijen.   You are what you eat, and this is so very true with my cats.    I have given up counting how many times people refuse to believe my 10 year old tortie is her age, most say "couldnt be, no she is only 4 or 5", not true - she is 10 and it is directly as a result of feeding Orijen that she maintains such great health.

Am I 100% convinced of the benefits of Orijen - absolutely.
Am I happy to recommend it - absolutely.

The ultimate answer does lie with the cat - and I don't know of a cat that doesn't like Orijen.  In many tests and trials, I am yet to find a cat that won't eat Orijen immediately.

Bronwyn Main, Auckland


I have seven beautiful Siberian Huskies, and I am involved in Sled Dog Sports with them...

...I have always been particular with their diet, especially trying to keep them in top condition for racing.  I have spent hours in the past maintaining them on a raw food diet.  This was not always practical when it came to having others feed them, traveling with them and kenneling them.  A racing friend introduced me to Orijen when they sponsored a sled dog race about 18 months ago, and I have been feeding it ever since.

I feed my dogs on a mixture of raw & dry food, and have found having a dry food to take away for race weekends a lot easier. It removes any concerns about keeping food cold to prevent it spoiling and it is quick and easy to feed.

Unlike some other dried foods I have tried, all my dogs enjoy it. We have dogs ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years old, and I can feed Orijen to all of them. I have a couple of dogs that can be a bit ‘ho hum’ about their meals occasionally, but both of them will always tuck into the Orijen without a second thought. I have had no upset stomach issues with any of my dogs on Orijen, which I had experienced with other dried foods. 

I also like the fact that it is all natural with no grain fillers, to closely replicate what nature intends for my dogs. Whilst the cost initially seems quite high, I have found that I do not need to feed as much for my dogs to maintain condition, so the cost is very comparative.  And I know I’m getting a high quality dried food, with a 6 star rating.  The high protein content in Orijen gives my working sled dogs the energy they need to perform at their best.

I am looking forward to trying the new Acana product too.  Acana is proudly sponsoring our upcoming sled dog racing event and we are very grateful for this, as it is often hard to organise sponsorship for our sport.  Vanessa has been great to deal with – very professional and friendly.  I love the new website – it is easy to use and it’s great to read all the other testimonials.  It shows what a great product Orijen is, and I will continue to recommend it to others.


Colin Whitley, Foxton


Oh Dash, you’re the best......

Three-year-old black Labrador, Dash, achieved recently when he won the top retriever award at the recent National Gun Dog Championships.
Held at the South Auckland Trial Grounds, Tuakau, the event involved 60 dogs and their handlers taking part in a series of simulated shooting situations.
All breeds of gun dog were represented, including spaniels, pointers, setters and retrievers. 
Dash (real name Skinevalley Blackthorn) took part in the retriever events and was unanimously judged the top retriever at the event.
Needless to say, Dash is kept fully fit and healthy thanks to Acana Cob Chicken food. Moved to Acana and away from cereal based food and the dog have gone from strength to strength. With visits to the vets only down to routine visits plus less waste to pick up it’s certainly been a bonus. However the main reason to moving to Acana is the condition of the dog he is not only fitter but has good stamina being able to concentrate and work for long periods in the field. 
Cost is always in our mind but, purchasing the 17kg bag last 5 weeks and feeding two dogs twice a day its averages out at around $2.15 a day per dog, and for the performance I receive from my dogs I have no doubt its value for money. 

Will we be changing from Acana any time soon? NOW Would I recommend Acana? Yes

Dash, Upper Hutt - Wellington


When we first got our rescue Dogue she was very thin...

...our existing boy was on Orijen and seemed happy on it and he is a fussy old fella at 10 years. Hazel has slowly put on weight and like Yogi (our old fella) enjoys her meals and has a good shiny coat, fresh breath and has maintained and improved condition since we have had her. Hazel enjoys her food especially the Orijen and is picky when we are unable to obtain it locally. 


                         BEFORE                                                                   AFTER

Dianne, Christchurch


Over the last two years Orijen dog food have been our clubs sponsors, by supplying prizes for our Club Fun Days and Ribbon Parades as well as providing all food for our breed rescues that come in....

...which over the last two years we have had 14 in total, and have honestly seen some remarkable transformations in the rescue dogs we have had on this fantastic product.

When the rescue dogs come in there coat is coarse and dry looking and they are generally smelly and not very energetic but by the time they leave us there coats are shiny and sleek and they are just in top condition physically which is what we strive for and with the awesome support we are lucky to receive from Orijen we are able to achieve this.  


                               BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

The new owners are often so taken with the condition of the dogs that they have kept their new addition, and in some cases transferred their original dog some with on going skin issues as well, onto Orijen and are just amazed by the difference it has made to their dogs.  Not to mention a lot of Club members who dry feed were also impressed with the results they have when they put their Dogues on Orijen.  Also it works out more cost effective compared to other dry food brands, plus the added bonus it contains no grains, as you feed less than you do with other brands and know they are still supplying their beloved family member with a great nutritional food at an affordable price. 

The Dogue de Bordeaux Club is more than happy to promote this food as we think it is the leading natural dry food in this country and would have no hesitation in recommending its use to all dog owners, especially large & giant breeds because we are confident once you have tried it you will be as impressed as we are with this high quality food and your dog will love you for it. 



Ange - Club Secretary -

Dogue de Bordeaux Club, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty


I wanted to share about my Polaris. He's a 2 year old Labrador Retriever who has had chronic skin issues...

...since suffering an allergic reaction to a Pork hock when he was 5 months old. 
When I say I've tried everything to help Polaris, I mean everything... holistic vets and treatment, steroids, antibiotics, multiple skin scrapings, vitamins, supplements, flea treatments (despite there not being any fleas), etc. He'd been to nearly a dozen vets in two different countries. The answer was always the same -- that he was a puzzling case and that they may never really find an answer. The best we could do was to try to make him comfortable using steroids, anti-itching medications and medicated shampoos.
Polaris hit his all time low February 6th of this year. He had raw sores all over his body. If you pet him, handfuls of hair came out. His tail was nearly bare from biting and chewing on it. In fact, the only time he wasn't scratching was when he was sleeping. But even at night, I'd wake up and hear him scratching and biting himself frantically. I had been taking him weekly for baths at our local pet store but he got so bad looking I was not only embarrassed to take him in, I was sincerely concerned that someone was going to report me for abusing my dog. It's been heart wrenching being unable to help him no matter what we tried.
A friend of mine happened to mention Orijen 6 Fish and the positive impact it had had on her dog. Polaris had been on several different high quality biscuits but had predominantly been a raw fed dog. Allergy testing had shown that he was not allergic to any of the foods he was eating. However, given my friend's success and feeling I was running out of options other than to put him back on steroids (which I didn't want to do), I put him on Orijen 6 Fish. 
Polaris is almost 2 months into eating ONLY Orijen 6 Fish. I wanted to send you a series of photos so you could see for yourself the change. 
It's remarkable in my opinion. He hasn't looked this good in ages! Something in the 6 Fish is working for him and that's all I care about!

Elizabeth Mallory, Hawkes Bay


I would like to thank you on behalf of my cats for bringing in Acana Cat Food...

... My cats (orientals) always had nice coats, but now their coats are A*M*A*Z*I*N*G.  This is very import to me as one of my cats (Robandi The Palmy Panther) is the leading neuter/spay cat in the country at the moment and I take pride in presenting my cats to a top level.    

One of the reasons I made the change for my cats was they were always throwing up their foods and vets were wanting to put my cats on medication.  I wasn't so keen for this to be given to my cats and thanks to Bronwyn Main who introduced me to Acana. 

I am so proud to say my cats only eat Acana and always will.  I am a believer and will be promoting to my cat showing friends. 

So a HUGE thanks from me, Schnapps and Stardie 

Emma Kimberley, Palmerston North


Django has been on Orijen Acana large breed for almost a year...

....after we discovered he has a serious bone and joint condition and wanted to give him the best chance of growing up healthy, happy and symptom-free. As a therapy dog for BARK NZ it is imperative that he is in peek condition inside and out.
We receive regular comments on his physical condition and amazing glossy coat. We accredit it to Orijen Acana. Thank you Orijen Petfoods NZ for helping Django be the best he can be.

Heather Laanbroek, Auckland


Up until a few weeks ago we were feeding Dex supermarket dog kibble ...

... as that was what she had been on at the adoption centre.  We knew we wanted to feed her something better but with so much choice out there we really didn't know what product to go for.  

After long investigations on the net we emailed Orijen and Vanessa sent out a sample pack for us to try (a decent size too) and answered all my questions.  While Dex does tend to eat anything and isn't fussy (there must be some Lab in there also!) we knew she enjoyed the Orijen as she ate that first when we mixed it with a cheaper brand.  She has had no problem with the transition onto Orijen from her other food and we have just purchased our first pack.  

While it is more expensive than the supermarket variety of kibble we at least know we are feeding her a better quality food and don't have to feed her as much.  Time will tell but we are happy so far with her reaction to it and and Orijen's prompt, efficient service.


Helen, Scott and Dex,


It is important to me as a dog owner and breeder to feed the best food available...

....Having studied all the dog foods available, it was an easy choice to decide to feed my Scottish Deerhounds ORIJEN dog food.  The quality and consistency of this dog food is second to none.  I also like the fact that the food sourced is sustainably farmed and is fresh and never frozen before manufacture.  My hounds love it and it means that I know they will perform to their best in the show ring and in the field.  Vanessa and the team at Orijen have great customer service, and I am always more than happy to recommend ORIJEN as the best cat and dog food out there.

Jenny Nelson, Taupo


I usually do not feed biscuits to my dogs, however at the pet expo in Auckland recently my daughters won a bag...

...I spoke to numerous people who all said to use your product, so I decided to give it a go.

I just have to say WOW what an awesome product.

I have a Red Heeler who has in the past had weight issues. Well not on your product, she is satisfied by the amount I give her. I also have a Shih Tzu who we rescued from the pound, he has skin issues, I had him on a raw diet, his skin was improving but not fixed. After 5 days on your product his tummy was no longer pink.
Your product is wonderful, both dogs eat the same food, meaning way less fuss!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.


Jo Price,


About 3 years ago we started using Orijen as our English Bull Terrier had an allergy test...


...and he was allergic to everything, grain was the main thing and Orijen was the only product that was grain free. What a difference it made for him he goes to the forest with my husband every day and everyone asks "what do you feed him", because he is so shiny even though he gets so dirty!!!. We also have 3 Dobermanns, 2 Red n Tan and a Black n Tan, all bitches. Their coats always get compliments on how shiny and amazing they look, it truly is an amazing product and I have recommended it to a lot of people.


Many thanks,

Kimberly Roberts, Gisborne


Duke is the typical boxer - very affectionate, bouncy, loves runs at the park and beach, the typical clown who can always muster a smile from us! Duke likes to show off how fast he can run!

It’s great to finally have found a dried food on the NZ market that Duke absolutely loves (he hasn’t turned his nose up once!). He has been hard to keep condition on, but when we introduced Orijen - I noticed a difference in his weight within a week.



Laurel Hitchcock, Te Awamutu


Hi there, I'd just like to let you know that since feeding my 14 year old tabby cat with Orijen she has had a new lease of life...

...She had spent the last couple of years vomiting almost every day and not looking too healthy even though she is well treated and much loved. She had been on Hills Science Diet since 3 months old, as recommended by vets.  Since starting Orijen,(about 3 months ago) she has completely stopped vomiting, her coat is shiny and soft and her eyes clearer.  This is all good, of course, but the best is yet to come: she had been 'going a bit dotty' due to advancing years and her behaviour had become very odd.  She had stopped being affectionate and slept in really strange places around the house, as well as going to the toilet inside, something she had never done before.  Now, I have my old (behaviour-wise) cat back and no more messes or litter trays to contend with.  She runs madly around inside and outside like a kitten and constantly seeks my affection, like now, helping me type this.  It's almost as if she is regressing in age, physically and mentally, instead of advancing.  So, I will put this down to her new diet as nothing else has changed.  This food is miraculous, thank you.

Margot Miklos, Rangiora


I have a three and half year old Staffordshire bull terrier that has had food allergies since he was a puppy...

...I decided to try a natural diet and remove all artificial colourings and preservatives from his diet which made a huge difference, but had trouble finding a good quality dry food that used quality meat not by-products and that didn’t contain grains. I started using Orijen nearly 2 years ago and it has made a huge difference to his skin and coat. I am a Medical Herbalist and Animal Homeopath so I also liked the fact that Orijen contained herbs and I now recommend Orijen to my clients especially those with animals that have skin or digestive problems.  

Melissa Jull, Hastings


After changing from Royal Cannin six months ago I have noticed a huge difference in quality of coat, over all body condition and muscle tone...

...After breeding and showing  English Toy Terriers for several years I struggled to find a product that would provide enough protein and fat to suit the  high energy levels of my dogs.  
The change became more apparent after one of my girls Kasan whelped her last litter of puppies, the coats on the puppies are outstanding, the bitch held her weight and had more milk production than normal.  There was also a noticeable difference in the birth weights of the new born puppies, and the bitch did not loose her appetite after whelping.
I would highly recommend this product to other breeders as I have not found anything else that compares.

Nicky Hammond

Nicky Hammond, Rotorua


My Billy is doing wonderfully on Orijen Adult, his a year old Yorkshire Terrier and his coat is shiny, stool is excellent, overall health is excellent. All thanks to you. With lots of thanks and love.


Kevin Choi, Auckland


Charlie developed a bad case of food allergies and we were unable to find suitable food for him ...

He was constantly scratching and itching and was never comfortable for long periods of time.  We tried all the common brands of food from the Vet but nothing helped.  He also became very picky about what he would eat and wouldn’t eat.   I spent hours researching on the internet and found via an American web site the Orijen branded food and managed to stumble across the New Zealand web site. I purchased a bag thinking that it might help but will probably be just like all the other foods we have tried ...


How wrong was I. After just the first day on the new food Charlie was a different dog, no more itching, so much more energy and such a happy boy. We couldn’t be happier with the product. He obviously loves eating the food as he has never turned his nose up at it, the smile on his face at breakfast / dinner time is priceless. I have recommended this brand to many of our other dog owner friends.

Scott Tizard,


I have been raw feeding my dogs (English Setters and Siberian Huskies) for about a fifteen years or so...

... and have been feeding Orijen Adult (or 6 Fish) as part of my feeding regime virtually since its introduction to New Zealand. 


It started when I was looking for an “easy” option for travelling with the dogs – something that wouldn’t spoil and something that I didn’t need to shop for on my travels. I regularly searched the New Zealand petfood sites, looking for new products introduced to the market – usually searching brand/product names from the 5 and 6 start ratings on the Dog Food Reviews website. 

I, personally, feel that this is the best dry food I can give my dogs – and have found it to be invaluable when needing other people to feed my dogs (boarding kennels for example). 

Other raw feeders can make you feel inadequate, introducing something like this to the diet, but compared with some of the pre-made, supposedly raw, products currently available, I prefer Orijen every time. I have a couple of dogs with issues with too much fat in their diet – a lot of pre-made raw products a loaded with fat – cheap, instant energy (used in raw food similarly to grains in dry – as fillers?). And there are times in life when you just want things to be “easy”. 

I also have a couple of fussy eaters with the huskies, and I do like to keep them eating as regularly as I can – especially during the winter/racing months. I have found that when they turn their noses up at raw, I can almost guarantee they will eat Orijen.

It is also very reassuring, in the light of the recent product recalls overseas – and some including very highly rated dry foods – that this product is always manufactured in its own producers facility and never outsourced. 

Now that the Acana range has been introduced – the timing of this has been perfect for me – I have been looking for a dry food with a grain content, but have never been able to force myself to buy one until I saw Acana.  I have a dog with problematic anal glands and was wanting to try a food with a higher fibre content and that produced a larger, moister stool – so am trying the Sport and Agility variety. It’s only been a few days, but the food has been incredibly well received. 

Personally, I would recommend people who want to improve their dogs diet, but don’t feel confident going down the full raw path for whatever reason, or envisage problems with supply (which can be frustrating) to give Orijen a go. It sounds expensive, but the quality of the food means you do feed less than other brands – and you may very well end up spending less at the vets, especially if your dog suffers food (grain) allergies of any kind. 

Vanessa and David are incredible to deal with – so friendly, patient and helpful. Online ordering has never been a problem and the courier delivery service has only let me down once – and Orijen and the couriers were so helpful in tracking my bag of food down. 

Val Coburn - English Setters & Siberian Huskies, Rotorua


I am the mother of a young lady who has an Assist Dog through the Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust (PPADT) programme...

...I have been purchasing Orijen dog food since it first came into NZ and can honestly say it is the best dry biscuit I have ever used.  Having Border Collies it is essential to have a well balanced, protien rich food to provide them with all the nutrients and energy they need to work (on our farm) and compete (agility/obedience) plus remain level headed for the job of being an entrusted Assist Dog for my daughter at school. 
I would like to thank you all so very much for the amazing opportunity of being able to purchase your incredible dog food, we are truely grateful!



Debbie Shaw, Auckland


My two Dobermanns coats are gleaming...

 ... they are both in top physical condition and fitness. We always get such positive comments about both the dog’s appearance.    Super ingredients in this food – it is top notch – and they both love it!!  Very happy and would definitely recommend Acana – both the puppy and adult formulas.

Philip Constantine , Auckland


We have a 10 mth old puppy and have had various health issues with her since we have had her...

For example her eyes were always full of mucus particularly in the morning and even after clearing these they would still fill up.  Her coat had an odor was dull and flakey,  and her anal glands were not clearing when she went number 2’s due to soft stools this resulted in trips to the vet to have them cleared.  
After researching other alternatives as to what we were feeding her we came across the Orijen & Acana brands and after reading testimonials and blog sites we decided to give it a try.  We started with the Orijen Puppy and Junior biscuits and also tried the Acana six fish.
The results were amazing, within 2 weeks her eyes cleared up, her coat was not smelly and the “dandruff” was gone, her anal glands improved and she had more spring in her step and seemed a more happier and healthy dog all round.  After feeding times she was settled and satisfied.
We can definitely recommend this food to anyone thinking of a change, just a shame we didn’t discover it in the beginning!

Sally Vella, Auckland


My name is Sharon and I have an 8 month old German Shepherd who had very bad skin, due to her low immune system, endless amounts of antibiotics and money ...

... but came across your pet food in a little pet shop in Orewa, Auckland. The vet had prescribed me very expensive dog food of their own brand of course and i didn't want to start a food that would cost a small fortune and then finding I then couldn't change.  

So when i found Orijen, I read the ingredients and was very impressed with the ingredients and obviously a lot of thought and care had gone into your product, so i bought the first bag of puppy large breed and fed it to my puppy twice daily, for two months.  Within a week, her coat looked better, but thought the steroid tablets that i hated giving her at such a young age must be working. Each week her skin was returning back to normal.

I then put her on your fresh fish range, and her skin has improved even further . She is now on a lower dose of tablet and her top coat is the best I've ever seen it, and even my vet has commented on how great her coat looks, also assuring me that it wouldn't be her medication alone that has got her skin and coat back on track so quickly.

Sharon Frayne..., Orewa


About three or four years ago we watched with great interest a discussion that was held on the
NZ Show Dogs Internet Forum Group. This discussion was on the benefits or not of various dog foods ...

...A person called David Graham waded in to the discussion and he obviously had a barrow to push. He made us sit up and really take notice. The information on dog foods he was imparting was informative and extremely interesting.    

We then met David and Vanessa at a dog show shortly after this and we learnt more about dog foods in general but Orijen in particular. We came home with a bag of Orijen and gradually weaned our dogs onto this food.

We own Whippets and a Dobermann.  The Doberman's coat became shiny with no scurf, her teeth were gleaming white with sweet breath and we felt her general health had improved. Our Whippets were the same and in particular our 15 year Whippet whose general well being certainly improved and he is full of get up and go. Our young whippet whenever in the show ring receives comment from  judges about his excellent condition and beautiful shiny coat. 

Our dogs love this pet food and  we feed less than other foods and have smaller do dos to pick up. 

Dogs are carnivores and eat mostly protein. If our domestic dogs lived in the wild they would eat the contents of the gut of their kill and then the rest of the kill. So 70% protein - 30% of what the kill lived on (botanical's). So Orijen emulates this recipe with top quality products.  

Orijen is a premium protein based dog food, with no grain. Made from fresh ingredients, no preservatives and slow cooked in small batches. Sounds good to us. 

Awarded ‘Pet Food of the Year’ by the Glycemic Research Institute of Washington DC as the healthiest pet food in the world and the only 6-star rated dog food range available on the New Zealand market – as rated by

When you buy Orijen you also develop a relationship with two very nice people who wanted to feed their own dogs on a premium dog food they could trust. 

Thank you David and Vanessa for introducing Orijen to us and making it available to the cats and dogs of New Zealand. 

Shirley & Leo Rolfe, Auckland


We really appreciate the quality of the Orijen biscuits..

...One of our dogs has a problem with her immune system which gets triggered by many things, food included, and the Orijen biscuits have been fantastic for her. After a three year battle with the Immune Mediated Neuropathy we have finally got her to a very good level of health, she is finally off all the steroids (YAY!) and is blossoming. The Orijen biscuits have helped immensely in her recovery so thank you guys for importing this product. 

Tracyann, Wellington


“We confidently recommend feeding our dogs with Orijen and Acana products. We have been using it for the last three or four years......

“We confidently recommend feeding our dogs with Orijen and Acana products. We have been using it for the last three or four years and find that our Siberian Huskies and Dalmatian thrive on it. Whether  adventure walking through the Coromandel ranges, showing them at NZKC championship shows or competing in NZFSS dry land sled dog events. They are always in the best condition to achieve great results.

Our bottom line is the dogs health, wellbeing and performance, Orijen products ensures that.”


Fur Flyers Sled Dog Racing Club,

Orijen dog food and cat food