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At Orijen Petfoods there is no question we are passionate about quality nutrition.  Why else would we bring you the World’s leading kibble ranges in Orijen & Acana.   Our foods are blessed with an un-equalled quality of ingredients, fresh never frozen, lightly steamed at low temperatures to retain all the goodness nature intended.   We have complete confidence our ranges are 2nd to none.

This being the case, you may be wondering … Why Supplements?

Despite the market leading quality of our brands – the vitamins and minerals provided within are not actually at supplementary level.    Some pets may benefit from an additional boost of certain nutritional components to assist with specific conditions or enhance other aspects of their lives.

Further, the supplements available on this site are of course available for purchase by clients who may choose to peruse alternative diets for their own reasons.

At Orijen Petfoods we have always had a clear preference for natural, practical solutions vs the excessive chemicals and toxins being over prescribed in our modern world today.   We commit to source and bring to you a diverse range of supplements manufactured by industry leaders internationally.  

Thanks for looking at our range and we hope you find something that you like.

What our customers say

"I have been raw feeding my dogs (English Setters and Siberian Huskies) for about a fifteen years or so..."


Val Coburn - English Setters & Siberian Huskies


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